Booklet: An Introduction to Ethics 

Booklet: The Abortion Debate 

Book: The Meaning of Love 

Book: Ethical and Philosophical Foundations of Economics

Fighting for the Higher Self

Reasoning: What It Is To Be Rational  

Simplistic Moral Reasoning

Religion, Morality, Secular Ideals, and Ethics Education

Fairness as Moral and Conceptual Relevance

The Intersection of Ethics and Economics

Underlying Ethics of Economic Inequality and the 2013 U.S. Government Shutdown

Commentary on N. Gregory Mankiw's "Defending the One Percent"

Words, Pictures, Logic, Ethics, and Not Being God

Guilt and Forgiveness 

Justification of Punishment 

The Value of Labor and the Myth of Sisyphus 

Disrespect and Disproportionate Retaliation

Commentary on the book of Job

God and Evil

Some Thoughts About How Machines Could Think

The Concept of "Tolerance"

The Concept of Intimacy

Understanding Each Other (Word doc) (HTML Webpage)

False Cause, Misdiagnosis, and the Fallacy of Affirming the Consequent (Word doc) (HTML Webpage)

The Concept of "Racial Profiling" 

Marriage, Civil Union, and "Same-sex Marriage"

The Concept of Universal Health Insurance (Word doc) (HTML Webpage)

The Concept of the Right to Physician-Assisted Suicide (Word doc) (HTML Webpage)

The Flaw of Legalism in Society and Education (Word doc) (HTML Webpage)

Abandoning the Public Pursuit of Personal Excellence

The Definition of Death

Misguiding Values

The Slippery Slope Argument 

Some Jewish Beliefs as Found in Jewish Prayers

Scientific Confirmation

The Debate Between Evolution and Intelligent Design  

Evolution and the Myth of (the Significance of) the Male Orgasm

The Myth About "Myths About Passion In the Bedroom"

Sexual Objectification and the Moment When Marriage Becomes "Incest"

"Realistic" Sex Education Programs (Word doc) (HTML Webpage)

Protections For Disobeying Bad Laws?

Morality and Law 

Business Ethics and BlueCross BlueShield of Alabama (Word doc) (HTML Webpage)

Group Loyalty and Being a Good Person

Serving and Promoting Higher Purpose

Constitutional Safeguards For Majority Rule 

Ethics Laws for Government Officials (Word doc) (HTML Webpage)

Democracy, Religion, and Moral Leadership (Word doc) (HTML Webpage)

The Need for Protection Against Governmental and

Commercial Callous Indifference and Unreasonableness

The Proper Role of  Judges: Compatible with Compassion? (Word doc) (HTML Webpage)

Requiring Judicial Recusal from Presiding Over Cases Involving Election Contributors (Word doc)  (HTML Webpage)

Copyright in the Digital Age

The Opportunity and Peril of
Constitutional Reform in Alabama

Reforming Alabama's 1901 Constitution

Itches Without Scratches

Legitimately Lying

Justifiable Adultery

Pain and Pleasure, And Their Perception

A Philosophy of Photography 

A Perspective on the Ethics of Clinical Medical
Research on Human Subjects (Word doc)
(HTML Webpage)

Fair Economic Trade Across Generations

A Proposed Model for Overcoming the 2008 Financial “Meltdown”

When Economic Process Displaces Purpose

My Interpretation and Analysis of Kant's Ideas About Ethics

Qualitative Quantitative Debate in Social Science

A Philosophy of Science Logic Problem

Judge Roy Moore's Error and Controversy
(Alabama Courthouse and the Ten Commandments)
However, even though Moore is wrong,
A Public Official's Expressing Faith Does Not
Necessarily Combine Church and State

Stem Cell Research and Sacrifice for Others: the Inconsistency of the Conservative View (Word doc) (HTML Webpage)

Anatomy of a Tax Increase Defeat in Alabama

Time Space Analogy (Word doc) (HTML Webpage)

Why I Believe I Find Ice Hockey and Soccer Boring to Watch

Law and Order and Morality

Educational Aspects of House (the TV program)

Moral Looting in the Aftermath of Disasters

Subject Matter Teaching:

Study Help

Teaching Math to Young Children 

Reading As Children Do

Understanding Algebra 

Algebra I Supplemental Preface

Math "Rate" Problems 

Constructing Counter Dilemmas From Dilemmas

E-Mail Introduction to Philosophy

The Theban Plays of Sophocles

Writing College Papers and Exam Answers

Preparing College Reading Assignments

A Loose Introduction to Reading Plato

Uses and Importance of Hyperlinks

Writing Rhyming Poetry Without Talent

The Power and Purpose of Poetry in Prose

Teaching Literary Style

Explanations and Pseudo-Explanations in Science

Math, Science,  Knowledge, and Nature

Shedding Light on Time: Learning and Teaching Difficult Concepts

Why Graphs of Equations in the Form 
Y = aX + b Turn Out To Be Linear (i.e., Straight Lines)

More About Fractions Than Anyone Needs to Know

Teaching "Quantity" Fractions

The Concept of the Mole in Chemistry -- Why It Works, and Why It Is Important

Stoichiometry Stuff in Chemistry

Selected Passages from Jane Austen

Strategy in Tennis (Particularly Doubles) 

The World of Group E-Mail

The Socratic Method: Teaching by Questions 

Teaching Effectively: Helping Students Absorb and 
Assimilate Material

Online Versus Onground Teaching (Word document) (HTML Webpage)

Logic and Ethics: The Harm of Logical Disability

Understanding and Teaching Place-Value 

Between Parent and Institution

To Parents Trying to Improve Schools

The Concept of Teaching "To" the Test

More About Evaluations: Follow-Up to "The Concept of Teaching 'To' the Test"

Equal "Opportunity" To Learn

Desirable School Curriculum

Suspension and Expulsion from Schools

Formal Systems Need Discretionary Mechanisms

Unfairness of the College Board SATs

The Immorality of Giving Tests for Grades in Teaching

Using Questions to Teach Better

Pet Peeve: Students Who Say "I Don't Know What You Are Looking For"

A Common, but Terrible, Mistake in Teaching Math and Science 

"Explaining" Math Poorly

Testing Reading

Fostering Insights and Understanding Through Teaching

Teaching Science and Literature

Mislabeling "Highly Qualified" Teachers

A Critique of Darling-Hammond's Critique of Teach for America (Word doc) (HTML Webpage)

Teaching Logic and Abstract Thinking to Third Graders?

Having Understanding Versus Knowing Correct Explanations

Insight, Inspiration, Logic, and Learning

Understanding, Shallow Thinking, and Schools

Learning in a Classroom

"Thinking" Is Most Difficult for Supposedly Best Students

Understanding "Understanding": What It Means to "Understand" Something 

Moral and Spiritual Values & (Public) Schools 

The Problem With Teaching Through Bribery and Coercion

The Point of Studying Ethics 

Doing Ethics: Rational and Creative Thinking

The Uses of Philosophy In Today's World 

Making the Most of Your University Courses;  What to Expect Academically at College

Evaluating Students, Teachers, and Student Teachers

Evaluating Teachers by Video Tape Lessons and Portfolios

Methodology vs Content in Teaching

 Schools Are Not Places of Education

Typical School Curriculum and Instruction
Are Too Narrow and Wasteful

Adopting a Kidnapper's Creed for Education:
No Child Left Behind

Incidental Institutional Bias

A Proposal to Fund Education Better Without 
Increasing Taxes or Having a Lottery 

Student Violence

The Alabama  High School Curriculum and Exit Exam -- comments about the curriculum apply to schools in other states as well. 

Summer Renaissance Program Proposal

Computers Versus Books and Paper in Schools?

         Further Examples and an Exception to the Above "Computers Versus Books..."

Significant Differences Between Writing and Talking; Why Talking Seems Easier

About Simplifying Teaching Theories

Bogus "Critical Thinking" Teaching Strategies

Learning Styles?

Raising Kids Jewish (not to be confused
with raising Jewish kids)

A Case Against Government Awards of Recognition (Particularly by Schools)

[Many of these same essays, organized in an online book format with an Introduction]

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